380 sqm 8
Fossalta di Portogruaro - I sold well established business "Accademia Cocobongo"/Shany&Co Group
Street Via Manzoni
     City Fossalta Di Portogruaro PropNo QQ-CoS-1442
50 sqm 1 1
Street Calle Annunziata
     City Latisana PropNo QQ-CrG-1441
65 sqm 1 1
Street Tisanella
     City Latisana PropNo QQ-CrG-1440
70 sqm 1 2
Street Damiano chiesa
     City Latisana PropNo QQ-CrG-1439
150 sqm 2 3
Street via ferdinando bonazzi
     City Campoformido PropNo QQ-StS-1436
214 sqm 4 3
Concordia Sagittaria - stately villa from 2007 with large garden, Energy Class A3
Street Via Gaffarelle
     City Concordia Sagittaria PropNo QQ-CoS-1432
167 sqm 2 3
Portogruaro- Summaga, elegant detached house with garden and garage, Energy Class A1
Street Via Piero Gobetti
     City Portogruaro PropNo QQ-CoS-1431
170 sqm 2 2
Portogruaro, San Nicolò area - house on two levels with garage, outdoor storage room and garden
Street Via Goito
     City Portogruaro PropNo QQ-CoS-1430
124 sqm 2 3
Portogruaro - single house on two levels with garage and large garden
Street Via Antonio Canova
     City Portogruaro PropNo QQ-CoS-1429
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